Served with Fries & Fountain Drink.

Includes 24k sauce, Slaw, and Pickles.

#1. Solo

Pick 1: Chicken tender or sandwich.

#2. Double

Mix or match 2: Chicken tenders and sandwiches.

#3. Sweety Byrd

2 Chicken tenders served with un-holey donuts.

+ One Tender

+ One Chicken or Rebel Sandwich

+ Add Cheese, Toast, Slaw, or Sauce

Our chicks are Halal and wholesome. Raised on family farms with care and vegetarian feed. No antibiotics or hormones.

Rebels are plant-based tenders exclusive to Byrd’s.


Crispy, crinkle-cut fries.

Byrd’s Nest

Crispy green beans.

Happy Byrds

4 Chicken nuggets, small fries, and drink

Byrd Bomb

Fries, cheese, slaw, sauce, pickles and tenders.

Fountain Drink

Bottle / Specialty


Hot ice-cream sandwich.
Warning: Intense excitement.